Chichester Self Catering supports #2MinuteBeachClean – how about getting involved?

As specialists in family friendly and pet friendly holidays we understand the importance of creating a sustainable tourist sector we can all enjoy. The UK has so many beautiful beaches, and we want to help keep them that way. That’s why Chichester Self Catering is supporting the #2minutebeachclean initiative.

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Created by the not for profit organisation The Beach Clean Network, #2minutebeachclean encourages people to take two minutes out of their day and pick up some rubbish that is on the beach.

History of #2minutebeachclean

The initiative was started on social media following the 2013/14 winter storms which left UK beaches covered in litter. These bits of rubbish harm wildlife, and make our beaches look horrible and unappealing to tourists. By having litter covered beaches we’re not only harming the birds, animals, and sea life, we’re also harming our local tourism economy.

Helping the local wildlife

Two minutes in 24 hours isn’t much, but it can really help your local beach. Each piece of plastic you remove is no longer a danger to the wildlife, each net you pick up is no longer going to entangle birds and other creatures, each carrier bag you put in the bin is going to be one less bag that is eaten by a turtle or bird. It literally saves lives.

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Helping the local economy

If you, my guests, take a stroll to the nearest beach and discover piles of washed up rubbish then you are less likely to come back or recommend the area (and my cottages!). Each guest brings money to the local economy and keeps beautiful UK coastal towns going; dirty beaches can send that money and tourism elsewhere! I get that. But it isn’t about the bottom line really – it is about how we all want our environment to be and creating a sustainable life.

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Get out there

We want to encourage all of our guests to take part in the #2minutebeachclean and help the local area. Your friends and family to come along too; 4 people spending 2 minutes each can make such a difference!

Make sure that you get involved on social media too and let everyone know that you’re doing your bit by using the hashtag #2minutebeachclean. Here at Chichester Self Catering we do just that via twitter although instagram and facebook are popular too.

This short video by Beach Clean Network founder Martin Dorey is a great introduction:

Top tips

Rubbish isn’t the cleanest and most hygienic of things, and you’ll sometimes come across items you’re not sure what to do with. We’ve created a short list of top tips for your 2 minute beach clean:

  • Be aware of tide times – don’t put yourself at risk!
  • Wear protective gloves or use a litter picker
  • Make sure that children are supervised at all times. Animal waste and sharp objects can be very dangerous
  • Recycle what you can
  • Don’t pick up needles or sharp objects
  • If you come across a dead seabird or marine mammal contact The Marine Strandings Network on 0345 2012626
  • If you find a marine mammal (such as a dolphin or seal) report it straight away. Call The British Divers Marine Life Rescue on 01825 765546. If the animal is still alive do not try putting it back into the sea yourself.

2minutebeachclean-300x118 #2MinutebeachcleanFor more information on the initiative, visit the #2minutebeachclean website here.

Thanks for helping to make our beaches a safer and nicer place to visit.

You could extend it from the beach to your local lanes and roads – where, shall ee call them “ignorants”, throw away their cans and sandwich wrappers and more with complete abandon!

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