A Reel Adventure – fly fishing in West Sussex

A trout takes a fly

West Sussex and Hampshire have some of the best fly fishing experiences in the World – due to our clean, chalk-fed Downland streams and rivers. The lakes and rivers are brimming with Trout and other freshwater catches waiting for the skilled fly fisherman to lure and hook.

Fly fishing courses are amazingly popular with about 1,000 here in the UK. The best news is that you can fish wherever there is water – and you don’t just have to go after trout.

flyfishing-150x150 A Reel Adventure - fly fishing in West Sussex
A trout takes a fly

It doesn’t mean that you will be able to catch a fish first time, although you may be lucky…just getting your fly to land anywhere close to where you thought it might could be challenge enough! – but learning a new skill in beautiful countryside could have you hooked for life!

Courses can include how to tie knots, make flies and lures, how to cast through to more advanced techniques. Contact the local fisheries for more details of what’s on locally and when.


Please note:  Fishing Licences are necessary – there is more information from here: https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences/when-you-need-a-licence. You can get a Licence from the local Post Office – costs here: https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences/buy-a-fishing-licence

Local Places to learn to fly fish include:

Happy Fishing!

If you are interested in fishing for yourself and have your own kit – one of the things that is almost bound to spoil your day is forgetting to put something in your tackle box! This external article is a good aid memoire and not restricted to just fly fishing:

14 things to have in tackle box

A bit more about licenses:

There are several reasons why governments and landowners require fishing licenses. These include:

  • For wildlife protection and management to avoid marine resources from becoming depleted and prevent species endangerment.
  • To generate money for supplemental fish stockings into lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams.
  • For habitat programs like cleanups to remove pollutants, trash, and other debris from bodies of water and to create structures to help fish spawning.
  • Part of licensing sales go to fishing surveys, researches, and studies to improve the number and health of the fish.
  • To pay for educational programs, pamphlets, and books for new anglers under free workshops and clinics.
  • To improve boating and fishing access.
  • Through your license purchase, you are helping protect, enhance, and preserve the sport and practice of fishing today and for the future generations. You are also contributing to the state’s conservation or management programs to protect fish habitats, educate fishers, and sustain our resources.

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