Are you an individual business traveller?


Are you an individual business traveller?

Are you fed up with hotel rooms??

Want more of a home than a bland room?

At all my properties we have separate living and sleeping rooms.yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Are you an individual business traveller?

Do you get tired of staying in a hotel and having your bed next to your desk, next to your couch, next to your coffee, next to your luggage, next to your bathroom… Etc….???

We offer individual bags of ground coffee. There is always fresh milk in the fridge on arrival – none of those little pots of “plastic UHT milk” and sugar. Tea bags too – real Assam; and herbal choices as Are you an individual business traveller?

Free, designated parking. Park right outside the house / apartment – all tarmac, disabled access parking less than 20 steps from your front door. Awesome. Convenient.

We are also SAFE and RURAL – so you can leave your laptop and presentation materials in your car since it will be parked in a secure, enclosed facility.

High speed internet, wireless. Due to the rural location we don’t have VERY high speed internet, wireless access, its just not possible. Sorry; BUT it is provided free of charge. So if you are a road-warrior and want to be connected instantly, and in the morning and evening, be able to skype with the family you can. (Note reception at Living Elements can be sketchy but as its a huge house you probably won’t be staying there anyway!)

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Meeting facilities at Nature’s Elements

We can also offer to roll-up the cleaning fee into the daily rate to assist with expense reports and finally, we will email a professional receipt with a zero balance due amount because we know the accountants like this! Just ask!

All bed linen and towels are provided, full kitchen facilities (not just a microwave and kettle!), even recipe books!NEprinciplebed.herit_.1000-150x150 Are you an individual business traveller?

Lists of our favourite takeaways and restaurants locally too.. and where to go shopping for things. Plus local doctors details etc… just in case.

With enough notice we can also provide homemade dinner ready for your arrival ready to heat up..

sb_sml250-150x150 Are you an individual business traveller?We even have full wheelchair access and you can hold discreet meetings here too… the table will comfortably seat 8-10 and there are 2 double/twin bedrooms.

So – made up your mind? Ready to stay at a self catering establishment vs a hotel now?

Book here now or call Gayle directly on 07769 746113 to make your reservation.

Anything else you need? We are here to help – just ask!201465-Dominic-James-sunbeam-001-5G3A0609-150x150 Are you an individual business traveller?

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