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Biteappy Biteappy - for people with specific food requirementsEating out simplified for people with dietary intolerances and allergies

image Biteappy - for people with specific food requirements

Caroline Oldham of Biteappy

Have you heard about a new free app has been launched to make the dining-out lives of people with dietary intolerances and allergies a whole lot simpler!

Caroline Oldham, a coeliac with an additional lactose allergy – found it a constant battle to locate suitable restaurants for her dietary needs, even more so when travelling or abroad – this very problem proved the inspiration for biteappy.

biteappy is the first and only app to comprehensively address all dietary requirements when eating-out on a worldwide basis. It is the most comprehensive searchable directory of restaurants with suitable menus for the entire plethora of dietary issues and allergies.

While it obviously covers gluten free menus, uniquely biteappy also caters for vegans, nut free, dairy free, MSG free, preservative free and other lesser known ingredient-free requirements, such as celery and mustard, as well as speciality foods including Kosher and Halal.

biteappy users select their specific dietary and cuisine criteria, and geographical location and the app will identify all the suitable restaurants in the vicinity.

The app also offers a translation card section with over 25 languages, so when abroad users can communicate their dietary preferences to restaurant staff. Users are also able to add restaurants when out and about, which will then be approved by biteappy.

Now available at the App Store for free!

Of course you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and there is a blog too.

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