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The highs of Hayling Island

Hayling Island is positioned between Chichester and Langstone Harbours on the South Coast with its southern shore on The Solent facing the Isle of Wight. It has one way on and off – the road bridge which comes in at Havant (almost directly off the A27).

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Autumn delights are often free thanks to Nature.

Autumn is here at Chichester Self Catering – and we are daily out and about exploring what we like the most! I thought I would share just some of the many wonderful delights you can experience when you come to stay, and make the most of the area at the same time!

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Classic Cars and their owners stay for the Goodwood Revival

Every few years we are the base for a collection of gorgeous classic English cars and their French owners for the Goodwood Revival! (They drive them over to the UK) This year, 2017, we hosted 5 lovely cars (4 of which are pre-1966) and catered for our 10 guests. I thought I would share some

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Tea Party Catering – something a bit different!

Have you thought about having some extra special food for a Hen Party or family get together? If so, why not have some truly healthy options at the same time? All the cakes are gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free. Each are handcrafted using unprocessed 100% natural ingredients to create cakes that are nutritious and delicious!

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Chilli Fiesta at West Dean Gardens 2017

Chilli Fiesta 11 – 13 August 2017 Put the dates in your diary for next year! Save 20% and book early bird tickets today! The UK’s biggest chilli festival returns. Join the party and dance to live Latin music, watch cookery and gardening demonstrations and taste delicious chilli foods ’til your tongue sizzles. Make the most

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Arundel Festival 2017

It runs from 19-28 August and festival fever takes over Arundel with art, live music, theatre and family fun all over the town. Many are free options too – so have a look at what’s on and come along!

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A walk at South Harting in the South Downs

The village of South Harting and Harting Down seen from Beacon Hill Enjoy beautiful views, woodland, and wild flowers on this circular downland stroll with Hazel Sillver Harting Down This 550-acre section of the South Downs is a nature reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest, managed by the National Trust. The fragile, beautiful,

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Happiness – enhanced with doggy friends!

Dogs are remarkable creatures. Not only do they understand “dog”, but they are amazing at understanding us too – and let’s face it, even humans struggle with that! So it is such a pleasure to watch new friends being made. Games being played and the simple enjoyment of dogs being in each others company.

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Golden Oats

It is high Summer and the fields have largely had their hay cut now. There are still stands of wheat, barley, oats and sweet corn (there is a huge grower who rents many fields locally each year) as well as peas etc. But, on one of my many walks, enjoying the evening warmth and sunshine

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Sussex has official International Dark Sky Reserve Status

As humans we rely on the natural rhythm of light and darkness created by the sun, moon and stars. When our circadian rhythm is disrupted, the consequences for health can be dire. So it is good news that Sussex is now one of ten UK Dark Sky Places for those who or visit this area.

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Save with a staycation

Staycations are great! Do you know why? You get to see and explore our own magical island. Enjoy the best parts – the beaches, the wildlife, the historical cities, the interesting museums, attractions and sites which really make us GREAT! More and more people are choosing to enjoy England for some very good reasons and

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Chichester Harbour Water Tours

A tour of this beautiful Harbour by water is a fabulous gift to give to yourself and your family and friends. There are various ways to do this – you can go on the Solar Boat run by the Harbour Conservancy or on one of the “Wingate” series of tour boats run by Chichester Harbour Water Tours – both

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 – Porsche were headlining

Watch the Porsche video for what is in store at this years show! If you are still looking for accommodation – I have all my premium houses available! They sleep: Living Elements – 6-10; Nature’s Elements – 4-6; 12 for Palmer’s at Birdham. Please – if you want some very comfortable sleeping accommodation, with all your

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NEW dog-proof greenhouse door slider

Chichester Self Catering has a BIG greenhouse (it is a commercial brand) and the two 10 foot sliding doors are suitably large too. It is adjacent to the garden at Living Elements. The challenge has always been that during the Summer months the greenhouse gets really hoot, and even with the vents fully open needs

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Exercising your inner peas!

In another post I mentioned that I now have a dog – a standard poodle to be precise. As a result I am now doing twice daily walks of at least 30 minutes each. One of the pleasures of this is I vary the walks as much as possible – for her and my own

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