Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital


Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital is just down the road from Chichester Self Catering and is well worth a visit. Go down Cow Lane off Keynor Lane and its 2 corners away! This modern treabrentlodge-logo-sm-e1416483649350 Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospitaltment facility for sick and injured wildlife has been saving lives for 40years now. It has large barns, aviaries and pens combined with a state of the art veterinary hospital. 

Each year 3,000 wildlife patients get helped. About 2,500 of these are birds – lots of seagulls, ducks but also owls, plus 500 hedgehogs, and small numbers of other mammals and reptiles – some of which cannot be released so are permanent residents.

shortearedowl.Medmerry2015-150x150 Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital
A short-eared owl at Medmerry Harbour

It is all done by charity – so anything you can do to support them would be gratefully received. If you do visit take a can of dog food with you or fresh fruit for the animals or weetabix or washing up liquid etc or buy some of their charity goods. If you give a donation please GiftAid to add a little more.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital
Cow Lane
PO20 7LN 01243 641672

It’s a great place to visit with children and adults alike, but remember that it is a working, recovering environment.

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