Caroline’s Dairy Icecream


LOCAL ICECREAM PRODUCER scoops up even more Awards! Caroline’s Dairy is based in Sidlesham.

Gold winners in the 2016 National Ice Cream Competition and have gone on to get many awards and accolades.

We are all celebrating here after scooping a top award at this year’s National Ice Cream Competition in Harrogate for the
second year in a row!
We were awarded Gold in the Toffee Class for our Toffee & Honeycomb Ice Cream, which meant we once again took home
the much-coveted Silver Challenge Cup. On top of this, we also won a Diploma of Merit in the Dairy Ice Cream Artisan Class for our popular Double Dairy flavour, a Diploma of Merit in the Chocolate Class, a Diploma of Merit for our new Lime Cheesecake summer flavour and a merit for our Blackberry Fool in the Open Flavour Class.
eating-icecream Caroline's Dairy Icecream
The National Ice Cream Competition is run by The Ice Cream Alliance and is the only one of its kind in the UK judged by professionals in the industry so winning an award is a huge accolade!
The dairy itself produces its own milk for Marks and Spencers and the icecream side of the business was started by Caroline as almost more of a hobby to start with.
Although they take a tiny percentage of the milk which is produced each day the quality and variety of the flavours are unique in many cases and superb quality.
It is also great to know that it is locally produced with excellent husbandry for the animals too. It’s almost a guiltless pleasure! Plus, it has almost no added air and no unwanted ingredients – so it is more dense, more creamy, more luscious and better for you than other icecreams – it really does make you feel better!
The farm also opens up for OpenFarmWeekend – usually in June – so keep an eye out for that if you are staying with us at that time.

Scrumptious Summer Menu

The Summer Menu for the year which includes some exciting new flavours as well as a return of some of our favourites. The menu officially launches in April and will be available in restaurants and shops across the South East. Keep an eye open for our new adverts which will soon announce what we have on offer…
If you can’t wait until then, why not pop along to your nearest
Caroline’s Dairy stockist and get a tub of our award winning
Toffee and Honeycomb or Blackberry Fool Ice Cream –just to
tide you over!
The biggest challenge is what flavours you should try…
Some are seasonal –  as the icecream is handmade from ingredients which are as local as possible; others you can buy from various stockists locally.
Gayle’s favourite is currently Amarana Cherry!

Caroline’s Seasonal Winter Flavours

Blackberry Fool Ice Cream
Our autumn hedgerow favourite fruit in all its glory. Beautiful not only in taste but also in colour. You’d be foolish to miss it!
National Ice Cream Competition awarded a Merit
Available in 500ml
Rum & Raisin Ice Cream
An old British favourite made even better by using Lambs Navy Dark Rum in our ice cream and succulent raisins.
Available in 500ml

Rhubarb Ice Cream

The delicate champagne of fruits giving the quintessential summer flavour of rhubarb blended with cream. The classic taste of an English summer!

Available in 500ml

Lime Cheesecake Ice Cream

What a combination, tangy lime combined with the creamy sweet cheese and finished with crunchy biscuit pieces.

Available in 500ml

Coconut Caroline's Dairy Icecream Ice Cream

Creamy coconut ice cream with lots of coconut pieces wafts you away to the tropics with one spoonful.

Available in 500ml

Amarena Cherry Ice Cream

Just our delicious ice cream with Amarena Cherries simply added to it. Beautiful in colour, indulgent in flavour.

Available in 500ml

All Year Round Flavours

Double Dairy Ice Cream
The purest taste of rich dairy milk with cream. Ideal on its own or as an alternative to fresh cream or custard.
National Ice Cream Competition awarded a Special Diploma of Merit and Diploma of Merit
Available in 500ml
Royal Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream
Delicious Madagascan vanilla conjuring up the essence of the tropics.
Available in 120ml, 500ml
Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream
This is the ultimate mix of pieces of locally produced strawberries and cream, reminiscent of the aromas of an English summer’s day. handfulofstrawberries.unsplash-150x150 Caroline's Dairy Icecream
Available in 120ml, 500ml
Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream
Utterly irresistible to a chocolate junky with heady Belgian chocolate melted throughout. You’ll definitely be back for more!
National Ice Cream Competition awarded a Special Diploma of Merit and 1 Star in The Great Taste Awards
Available in 120ml, 500ml
Honey & Ginger Ice Cream
Be adventurous with this combination of honey and crystallised
ginger for a touch of the orient.
Available in 120ml, 500ml
Coffee Espresso Ice Cream
A coffee lovers dream, the perfect way to end your meal. National Ice Cream Competition awarded a Diploma of Merit
Available in 120ml, 500ml
White Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Pure white chocolate with a lovely taste of fresh tangy mint contrasted with dark chocolate pieces.
National Ice Cream Competition awarded a Diploma
Available in 120ml, 500ml
Toffee & Honeycomb Ice Cream
Our Toffee & Honeycomb ice cream is a toffee ice cream laced with pieces of honeycomb and one not to be missed.
National Ice Cream Competition Gold Medal Winner and 1 Star in The Great Taste Awards
Available in 120ml, 500ml
 Lemon Meringue Ice Cream
Chewy and crunchy pieces of meringue gently blended into our lem
on ice cream for something completely different!
Available in 500ml
Banoffee Ice Cream
Amouth-watering marriage of banana, toffee and biscuit. What
a sensational combination!
Available in 500ml
Fresh Raspberry Ice Cream
Spoil yourself with the refreshing flavour of local raspber
ries combined to give a unique taste of the country.
Available in 120ml, 500ml


Alphonso Mango Sorbet

Alphonso mangos from India conjure up the rich and sweet taste of the tropics. National Ice Cream Competition awarded a Bronze Medal 

Available in 500ml

The icecream isn’t cheap – but its organic, hand-made with love and care and come with local ingredients where possible. When you taste the quality you will agree it’s worth it and so much better for you than the airy dry-powder icecreams which are usually on offer.

Where to buy it!

All the local Southern Co-ops stock it – Selsey, East Wittering, Stockbridge, plus smaller distributers – eg the little shop at Hunston. Restaurants also stock many more flavours too – and turn them into delicious desserts too so keep an eye out if you are eating out! PLUS – there are icecream vans at Marine Gardens car park, Selsey – straight down the High Street and also by the Chichester Canal turn at Hunston.

Try, love, enjoy!

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