Chichester Harbour Water Tours


A tour of this beautiful Harbour by water is a fabulous gift to give to yourself and your family and friends.

There are various ways to do this – you can go on the Solar Boat run by the Harbour Conservancy or on one of the “Wingate” series of tour boats run by Chichester Harbour Water Tours – both of these go routinely, especially during the Summer months from the public jetty at Itchenor (PO20 7PN). There are occasional trips out from Emsworth jetty too, but they are tide dependent and seasonal.

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You will see wild birds, the wide vistas given by the open skies, explore some of the smaller creeks and enjoy passing by the moored yachts or get the thrill of observing the racing keelboats and dinghies from the 13 harbour clubs out, especially at the weekends April to the end of October.

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You may be lucky enough to see fish jumping or some of the many Harbour Seals or even a deer swimming from one side to the other! We often have flyovers from the 3 locally-based Spitfires and other trick aircraft, and of course MANY birds!

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Things to do:

  • Wear warm (and waterproof clothes / shoes if the weather is inclement) and protective clothes (plus a hat!)
  • Take your camera or phone with it fully charged
  • Take your binoculars – huge advantage for spotting small wading birds etc which may be some way away from you
  • Wear sunglasses / hat / put on suntan lotion

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To investigate more about specific times and the options for sailings call either the

Harbour Conservancy 01243 512301

or Chichester Harbour Water Tours 01243 670504 / 07795 972303

ChiHbrwatertours Chichester Harbour Water Tours

The various options both offer specific tours – to watch the birds or the seals, and you can also privately hire the boats for special events eg Hen Parties, birthdays etc.

The Harbour is quite magical – experience it today!

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