EARTH DAY – what we do to save the planet


Saving the planet with simple (and harder) measures is thankfully in the news again. So I thought I would remind you of some of the things which we do to minimise our environmental impact – and hope that YOU also do your bit, when you stay here.


Gayle is very careful to not pollute the planet too – so as well as gardening organically and litter picking in the local parishes we use environmentally safe products for cleaning and then recycle the packaging. 


Earth Day is on April 22, I want to draw attention to the Earth´s environmental testimony by challenging you to help.

Today, the fight for a clean environment continues with increasing urgency, as the ravages of climate change become more manifest every day.

We can all take action and be a part of helping nature. Therefore we want to invite YOU to be a part of Earth Day and celebrate it, by taking on the challenge of saving the nature from plastic bottles by reaching out and talking to more people than ever.

We only use LDC and Super 10 products made by GNLD, who have been established for over 50 years! Super 10 and LDC also minimize the impact on the environment, as they are designed to provide maximum cleaning effect with the smallest possible amount of product. They also do a great job!

If you want some for yourself contact Gayle directly at the clinic to order – you can’t get them in the shops!


We have had photovoltaic cells on the roof for over 10 years now for the clinic / Nature’s Elements building and put them onto the other two houses in the last 3 years. With high light levels thanks to the proximity to the sea boosting production they bring in enough income so that we generate more electricity than we use! We use some of that to also heat the hot water (for free!)

Our newest Earth Saving enterprise is the electric car charger point. So for all those who live in the City where the charge points are easy to access – you don’t have to get stuck whilst on holiday!

As of September 2019 I have also added some more PV panels on a shed roof which now charge up batteries – which run our electrical needs at night! I have yet to see if they satisfy our full requirements but it should bring us much close to being carbon neutral!

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 EARTH DAY - what we do to save the planet