Experiences are the trend for holidays this year


Everything moves in trends, and travel is no exception. Where people go, how they get there, what they do, and where they stay are all impacted by factors like technology, socio-political environments, and the evolution of the tourism industry. Well these are some of the big trends for 2018.

Gayle is in agreement that they are all important and at Chichester Self Catering we hope we have catered for these as much as possible. Simply because we want to have happy guests! Could this be you too?

Pets are exploring the world.
According to a big booking engines’ latest reports, 31% of travellers want to take their pet on vacation Pampered-Pets-Package-150x150 Experiences are the trend for holidays this yearwith them. This presents a big opportunity for vacation rental hosts who have pet-friendly dwellings. Vacation rentals tend to offer more space and flexibility for pets than hotels, hence why so many travellers are turning to home-sharing platforms when searching for pet-friendly accommodation.

All our properties are pet friendly and they all have gardens. We have miles of fabulous walks locally, right from your doorstep too! We offer a basic pet welcome pack but you can upgrade to the Pampered Pets Package for lots of extras!

Travelling as a learning experience is booming.
“Learning a new skill abroad is gaining momentum,” says Kate Kenward, executive director of AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators) . “I think we’ll see increases in expert-led study tours, gastronomy and wine tasting.” Wine-or-Champagne-Tasting-Workshop-300x251 Experiences are the trend for holidays this year

This ties in with the ongoing trend of experiential travel: the philosophy that travelling can be so much more than just seeing sights, it can renew and transform. Offering experiences or partnering with local workshops and classes can be a great way to turn accommodation into a broader travel experience.

We can offer various wine and champagnes tasting workshops for larger groups (min 10 participants). To make the party go with a swing we also have a professional chef who will create luscious canapés for your party, or even organise a whole dinner party for you.

“There is nothing quite like staying at home to really get relaxed” said a recent guest after their stay!

We also have some fabulous learning workshops to take part in – willow weaving, chocolate-making and even pottery making!

Sustainable travel is increasingly important.
“Increasingly tourists are seeing responsible tourism – working with local people around their culture and ways of life – as a more authentic way to travel,” says Justin Francis, CEO of the company Responsible Travel. “Doing the right thing leads to a more enjoyable experience.” DSCN2042-300x225 Experiences are the trend for holidays this year

This is a sentiment reflected in many trend forecasts and travel reports. A 2017 survey by TUI Group found that one in ten European holidaymakers book eco-friendly hotels. But despite the growing interest, travellers are still confused about how to travel sustainably and how much of the responsibility falls on them. The same survey found that 66% of travellers believe the travel industry should be responsible for sustainability, rather than the consumer.

Well clearly the Chichester Self Catering properties are not hotels – but we are very eco-friendly and try to run as sustainably as possible. They all have PV electricity generation. They are all highly insulated and of course all have energy-saving lights. Plus we compost and recycle avidly. We use a very eco-friendly washing powder and try to air line-dry washing vs use a tumble drier to save energy. The cleaning products are also non-damaging to the environment. (You can buy them from Gayle at the Clinic) There are recycled bags for your use for shopping too and various other features.

Technology provision is important

The drive of more phones and other ways of communicating means that having access to technology and especially internet access is increasingly essential. I am pleased to say that all of our properties have WiFi included in your accommodation package. It is of course a life-line for millennials but also the Baby Boomers struggle without it now. 😉

Hopefully this has put some of your concerns “to bed” – but if you wish to double check please contact Gayle before booking your holiday stay on 07769 746113.


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