Extras you can add to your family holiday booking


All of our holiday homes at Chichester Self Catering welcome families, and most welcome pets too! Plus two properties -Nature’s Elements and Palmer’s are very wheelchair friendly.

They all have spacious gardens and are surrounded by beautiful countryside with nearby Harbours and beaches. Great for mixed family groups whether that is for a weekend or longer stay.

Sometimes you want to add some extra touches to your stay though – these could be for a celebration or a one-off extravagance. It might be to keep the children (or adults) occupied or just to make your stay more pleasant and relaxing.

Gayle had created various extra packages you can add onto your booking and they are outlined below.

If something is of interest please get in touch directly to arrange. Thank you.

  • All packages must be paid for at least 8 weeks in advance of your stay please (when you pay the final accommodation balance), or at the time of booking if it less than this.

The topics are:

  • Welcome Breakfast Basket
  • Celebrations
  • Red Letter days / activities / health treatments 
  • Food, glorious food and basics
  • Children’s and Pet packages

Breakfast Package £12 per guest

We can put your breakfast “basket” in your cottage the night before.Welcome-Breakfast-Basket-300x251 Extras you can add to your family holiday booking

All breakfasts come with orange juice, locally made bread (loaf), butter, jam & marmalade.

The breakfasts are two course. Choose from:

The CONTINENTAL: Muesli OR yoghurt with fruit.

Local ham and cheese OR smoked salmon and local Hens eggs (£3 supplement)

The SUSSEX: Muesli OR yoghurt with fruit

2 Butchers bacon rashers OR 2 Butchers sausages (or add £3 for both options) with local hens eggs, tomatoes & mushrooms,

OR hens eggs & baked beans.

Either choice is wonderful and sets you up well for the day!

Note: Milk, tea and coffee and herbal teas are part of your welcome package and are already in the house for you. There is tomato ketchup and brown sauce already in the house. (If it gets used up during your stay, please replace it. Thank you.)

Please advise if you have any allergies in advance – gluten, dairy, etc. or special dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian or vegan or Kosher etc. and we will modify the selection accordingly.

The price given is per person.


Special Birthday Package £60

Celebrating a birthday during your stay? Let us help… HappyBirthday Extras you can add to your family holiday booking

Our birthday package includes:

  • An appropriate birthday card for you to add your own sentiments to.
  • Bottle of chilled Champagne in an ice bucket with two Champagne flutes (or more!)
  • Locally grown flowers arranged in a vase (whatever is in season)
  • A bar of locally produced, award-winning Montezuma chocolate
  • Balloons for you to blow up!

Many Happy Returns of the Day! 😉

Full-on Romance Package £80

Make the one you love feel extra special with our Romance Package. The-full-on-Romance-Package-300x251 Extras you can add to your family holiday booking

It is all created, “just for you” and will be waiting for your arrival (or during your stay if the special event is part way through your visit).

It includes:

  • A bottle of our best chilled bubbly with fluted glasses and an ice bucket
  • Master bed strewn with rose petals
  • Towel shapes arranged into a variety of shapes on the bed – choose from a heart, elephant, swan, rose etc
  • Locally grown flowers arranged in a vase
  • Locally produced, award winning chocolate from Montezuma!
  • An individualised card awaiting your finishing touches and sentiments

Its a fabulous combination of thoughtfulness, luxury and romance – just waiting for you to enjoy.

Romance on the bed! £10

One of our most popular extras! Romanceonthebed Extras you can add to your family holiday booking

Gayle makes up towels into graceful swans and other shapes, on the bed and strews silk rose petals on the surface too!

Romance isn’t dead!

You can choose from swans, hearts, elephants, flowers and more! I can even create a T-shirt!

Consider adding a bottle of bubbly with ice bucket and a box of chocolates for that extra special occasion too!

Bottle of Quality Champagne and Ice Bucket £30

This is a classic and always well received. Champagne Extras you can add to your family holiday booking

The chosen brand is our favourite champagne with a well-rounded flavour with small bubbles and a soothing swallow. It doesn’t tend to dry you out either – we think you will love it too!

Served with an ice bucket and tall glasses. It can be awaiting your arrival or you can take the bottle etc. out of the fridge when you want it. 😉

Cheers! To your very good health!

LOCALLY grown flowers arranged in a vase £6

Our local nurseries grow some wonderful flowers all year long (and Locallygrownflowers Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingsome vegetables when in season).

We will select the best they have and arrange them in a vase for your arrival.

A card is included for you to write your own sentiments on.

The flower selection may include:

Alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, freesia, lilies, anemones, daffodils, gladioli and more.

Keep it local – and help support our local nurseries, whilst enjoying the freshest of flowers at the same time.


Sail on a Classic Yacht Experience £150 per guest

Have a “RED LETTER DAY” – after all Classic yachts are the envy of Sail-on-a-ClassicYacht.300x300 Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingmany!

Experience a 2 hour sail on an 94 year old classic racing yacht in stunning Chichester Harbour.

Max 2 people. Note: the total experience is about 4 hours. Good mobility required. All Safety equipment is supplied. Sailing is weather dependent. It may need to be postponed or cancelled, in which case you will get a full refund.

You will need to join in and pull ropes etc so suitable clothes are required eg trainers, a waterproof jacket and possibly trousers too. Gloves – riggers or gardening ones are fine! You will need to come in suitably gripping soft-soled trainers or boots (no heels!).

Cost is per person.

  • Price includes either lunch or tea at the hosts exclusive, Members-only, sailing club which looks towards the South Downs over the water. Available from Spring to Autumn 2018 by arrangement.

Osteopathic “MOT” Bodycare Consultation £55

An in depth consultation and examination with Osteopath – Gayle OsteopathicConsult Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingPalmer D.O. – to assess alignment, health and performance and then a treatment to improve your wellbeing, depending on what is found.

Feel revitalised, relaxed and back in balance! Maybe even out of pain!

Gayle Palmer qualified in 1991 and has treated many thousands of clients since then. She specialises in back pain; paediatric and obstetric care and also palliative care! So from pre-birth to +100 years!

MUST be pre-booked in advance on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Venue the Living Elements Clinic. Gayle may recommend supplements, supportive aids etc depending on what she finds, these are not included in the price.

Gift voucher worth £55 to be used at the Clinic

This will cover various treatments at the Living Elements Clinic £55giftvoucher Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingwith  Gayle Palmer.

Select from an Osteopathic consultation and treatment
Hopi Ear Candling – very relaxing. Add £10 extra for the candles.
Cranio-sacral therapy

Gayle has been practising since 1991 and four years of full time training. Since then she had treated many thousands of clients.
Make the most of your holiday to get balanced and aligned, ready for the rest of your life!

The treatment duration is half an hour and must be booked in advance.
Surgery times are a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only.
Please call 01243 641665 to make your appointment. Thank you.

Full Body Massage from £55

Experience the bliss of a full body massage – either a holistic Full-Body-Massage_at-home_-300x251 Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingmassage or a Swedish-style massage.

Have your whole body soothed and stretched to iron out those niggly, tight areas. Your knotted areas will be pummelled to release them and long sweeping stroked will be used to stretch and lengthen your larger muscle groups.

Treatments take place “at home” with an experienced therapist who will bring all that she needs with her.

By using essential oils the emotional and mental effects are enhanced – relaxation, stimulation, stress busting and more.

The full massage takes a full hour. It is recommended that afterwards you drink plenty of water and rest to recover gently. Do NOT go into the sauna or hot tub!

Advance booking is essential. A minimum of 5 days is requested. Prices may vary depending on the practitioner. You will be advised in advance.

Head, Neck and Upper Back massage from £45

Relax, de-stress, re-invigorate during your holiday and be 100% able Head-Neck-and-Shoulders-Massage-300x251 Extras you can add to your family holiday booking to then enjoy yourself. Half an hour quality of 1-2-1 consultation.

Must be booked in advance.
The price may vary from the one advertised. It will be confirmed upon booking. The therapist will bring everything that she requires with her. Thank you.

Chocolate Making Workshop from £55 per adult

This is a fun way to spend 4 hours and come out with a Chocolate-Making-Workshops-300x251 Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingmasterpiece that you created! 

The best bit is you get to eat it afterwards too!

In collaboration with a local business we can offer workshops of various kinds for up to 20 guests! It may also be possible for smaller groups to join up with others. The best number is 6 guests and guarantees a private workshop. The cost is £280

Most of the workshops take place at weekends, typically Saturdays.

Adult groups can make soft centred chocolates and truffles or do soft chocolate moulding – i.e. using nuts, fruit and spices.

Choose from a themed workshop for children of either solid chocolates, chocolate pizzas or chocolate characters. There are also seasonally themed workshops e.g. Easter and Christmas. These cost £160 for a group of 6 children. Age from 8 years.

Pre-booking is essential via Gayle, as it pre-payment.

Willow Weaving Workshop £75 per person

My lovely friends Mark and Rebecca are local land artists. Willow-Weaving-Workshop-300x251 Extras you can add to your family holiday booking
They create amazing sculptures out of their homegrown willow!
The shapes can range from egg shapes to arbours, plant stands to baskets and have been made for prestigious local houses and exhibitions and even internationally!

This 4 hour workshop is the most fabulous fun.
You will be working outside, so be appropriately dressed please. (Footwear too).

You will learn about the willow. How it is picked and then how to work it.
Using simple skills, which are easy to master, you will be able to create your own willow masterpiece in just a few hours.

It is relaxing and engaging.
Drinks are included in the workshop.
Of course you will also be taking them home – so make sure your transport is spacious enough!

There is a maximum of 12 people per workshop and the price is per person. Note: If there aren’t 10-12 in your party it may be possible for you to join with others on one of their regular courses.

FOOD, glorious food and the BASICS

BIG Easter Egg, state dark or milk or white or vegan chocolate as required £25

One of those “big” luxurious eggs from Montezuma’s – the local EasterEgg Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingchocolatiers based in Chichester!!

The ones you drool over!

Now you have to decide whether to have the plain, milk, white or vegan chocolate ones! (or all of them!… you could share..?!)

Please pre-order at least a week in advance.

Make sure you let me know of there are any other food allergies to be aware of please.

Locally-made Award-winning Monster Montezuma Chocolate Mix! £5Montezumas-Monster-ChocolateSelection-Package-300x251 Extras you can add to your family holiday booking5

Montezuma’s chocolate is famous throughout the country.. but did you know? – it’s made right here in Chichester!

They have a wonderful choice of chocolate bars, truffles and special gift packages.

This package is not for the hard-hearted – it’s big!
We have chosen some of the best for you…

It includes: milk and dark and white chocolate giant buttons, drinking chocolate buttons – plain, (very luxurious! We suggest that you use two buttons per drink) and flavoured chocolate bars.

The plain chocolate is all dairy and wheat free and vegan too!

It will be waiting for you on your arrival (if it is hot it will be in the fridge, just in case!)
It comes with an appropriate card for you to fill in with your own sentiments 😉
Is your mouth watering already?

Locally grow, organic vegetable box scheme £20

This box scheme comes from a local grower, within just 1/2 mile from where you are staying!
It is great that it saves food miles whilst being organic and Soil Association Certified food.

The large box always contains: potatoes, onions, carrots and then a selection of 8 vegetables that are in season.
In the Summer this could be tomatoes, lettuce or rocket or salad mix; cucumber, radish, beetroot, beans, squash etc.
In the Winter there is often kale, spinach, garlic, broccoli, parsnips or turnips or swedes, Pak choi etc.

The best part is they are freshly grown and picked by a couple who are passionate about providing quality, chemical-free food and are delivered  on a Friday for you to freshly enjoy.
The basket will feed approximately 6 guests for the week.

Supermarket home delivery unpack £10

If you order your food and drinks delivery at least 2 hours before Grocery-shopping-receive-and-unpack-service Extras you can add to your family holiday booking your arrival time, we will unpack it ready for you and your guests.

Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury’s all home deliver.

You can also get various wine companies to deliver too.

The postcode you will need to mention is PO20 7NL  for Living and Nature’s Elements or PO20 7HD for Palmer’s at Birdham.

You will need to give the delivery van my contact number in case of problems.

Additional toilet / cleaning pack £6

This is a top-up as your house is already well supplied.. but you never know!

The cleaning pack includes:

  • An extra 6 toilet rolls
  • Pack of “Marigold” gloves
  • One kitchen towel roll
  • Box of facial tissues
  • Black sack rubbish bags.

Purchase some postcards £75 each

We have our own postcards that you can buy to let your family or Postcards-300x251 Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingfriends know how things are going.

I know its a bit “old fashioned” but there is nothing quite like getting a postcard through the postbox.

Make someone’s day and share your holiday memories!


Childrens Package from £20

Children need to be entertained! Its good to have some offline time, Happy-Childrens-Package Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingaway from phones and other gadgets too. It reminds children how to play and be inventive – an important aspect of growing.

We will put together an age-appropriate package for our younger guests.
The package could include:
Colouring books and crayons
Wordsearch book and pen
Various activity kits

When we have the information about the children in your group we will make up the surprise package. The cost may be more than advertised here though. We will confirm with you in advance of your arrival.
Happy kids = Happy parents / adults.
I think you will agree!

Pampered Pets Package £30

Echo, the resident standard poodle, has created this selection Pampered-Pets-Package Extras you can add to your family holiday bookingespecially for your canine family members. She hopes that you like it!

There is an assortment of treats –

  • Raw (unbleached) hide and chews
  • Homemade liver cake – I know – it just HAD to be in there!
  • A specially engraved dog tag, as you are a visitor – just in case you get lost on your travels. It means that if you are found that Gayle Palmer will get called – especially useful as my “Mum” knows the area.
  • A dog ball or tug toy.

I hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to welcoming you and hearing about your holiday!

Gayle Palmer

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