Fireworks-free visits for nervous dogs

Fireworks Free stays for your dog, and you

Autumn – means fireworks in many places – and terror for your pets. 🙁

They cower in corners, shake under beds or won’t leave your side… sound familiar?

Do you want to get away, at least for a weekend and get through this period with some dignity and less stress for everyone?

I am have the solution you are looking for!

Chichester Self Catering properties are in the countryside – well away from big displays, and noisy neighbours.

Fireworks-Free-stays-for-your-dog-and-you Fireworks-free visits for nervous dogs

We are used to pets. The resident standard poodle, Echo, is remarkably calm and pretty oblivious to noise etc – and you may find that her influence would also calm your dog down too. (She is NOT cat-tolerant though!)

So why not consider a stay well AWAY from fireworks and the stress that they can bring to your four-footed friend?

Make your booking soon though – and enjoy all the pleasures that the area has to offer (see this post for more ideas HERE) which includes the peaceful evenings…

Give Gayle a call on 07769 746113 to #BookDirect

Make the most of the autumn walks and beaches now they are quiet and relax in the evenings too!

We are looking forward to making your stay a success. Don’t forget we can cater for small or larger groups, incl Hen Parties!

See you soon!

Gayle and Echo

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Gayle-and-Echo-2017-150x150 Fireworks-free visits for nervous dogs