Geocaching on the doorstep and worldwide!!


Geocaching – kind of an adults hide and seek – but actually for all ages – and abilities. This is now a worldwide hobby / activity and involves using ordnance survey co-ordinates / GPS / phone apps to find “caches” of treasure troves all over the place!

Here at Chichester Self Catering we actually have a whole route almost on the doorstep! This trail starts in Highleigh and is only a few miles long. Allow 2-3hours although it may take far less as its only 3miles long anyway.. Note: The main cacher is a child so where stride lengths are required – they are a childs!

Its called the Highleigh Speedy Hike! Its easy to join in – just do a quick login to the website, get the maps and off you go!,-0.79887&z=14

For Geochachers one of the best bits is the variety of caches to be found – from micro to letterbox to large and multi-caches all on one walk!

Another excellent local route is the Lipchis Canal Route from Chichester along the Chichester Canal towards Birdham and one around bits of Selsey.

If you get the bug – and love being out of doors, this is a great way to see the countryside and do a bit of treasure hunting at the same time!

Here’s our Geocaching Pinterest page for you to visit – do follow and see our other pages too!

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