Getting outside into Nature is essential for Children’s Health


Gayle Palmer your host explains some of the latest research and why a stay with us makes this an easy reality for you and your family to achieve.
Getting out in Nature and why it is so important for everyone but children especially.

I wrote / created this blog partly with my other hat on – as a paediatric and cranial Osteopath! I see the difference every day in my clinic when children’s imaginations are allowed to explore nature and develop their own space to create in. Their lives literally transform.

That is what I want for YOU and YOUR family when you come to stay – and how it can be achieved easily here.

I hope you found this useful – if you did, please write in the comments below.

Thank you.

Gayle Palmer, Chichester Self Catering 2019

run-away-from-a-wave-e1461755034277 Getting outside into Nature is essential for Children's Health