Golden Oats

Golden Oats - Avena sativa

It is high Summer and the fields have largely had their hay cut now.
There are still stands of wheat, barley, oats and sweet corn (there is a huge grower who rents many fields locally each year) as well as peas etc.

But, on one of my many walks, enjoying the evening warmth and sunshine I noticed at the edge of some fields some truly magical golden oats! 

Golden-Oats-Avena-sativa Golden Oats

Avena sativa are the name for the field oats which are grown. If you look up Golden oats you usually come up with Stipa gigantea – which is an ornamental grass which grows up to 6 foot hight. (2m+).

I really wanted to share a photo of them with you. The colour is so stunning – an “old” gold – probably called “Antique” if you bought it as a paint. It is quite unlike the yellow gold of ripe corn (wheat).
Plus, the heads are delicate and flutter in a breeze.

So if you are out in the countryside – look out for the extra visitors on the field edges. Don’t forget, they could be wild flowers as well as previous crop remnants.

It was a happy find for me. I hope you enjoy it for yourself.

Chichester Self Catering July 2017.


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