Hen Party venue location considerations and travel

What is your dream Summer holiday or Hen Party involve-

By their very nature Hen Parties involve having people travel to a central point to get together. Hen Parties favour staycations – it is easier on everyone’s finances and leaves more money for the food and drink or activities. Wherever the chosen location may be you all have to get there.

I have noticed that in more recent years the trend for going to Megaloof or Paris or Amsterdam has waned. I think this is probably a good thing – both on the pockets of the participants, their safety and also how much they can remember afterwards! Sadly the photos do not lie!

Also quality self catering accommodation providers have become more experienced in providing plenty of beautiful and original attractions and options for Hen Parties. Here at Chichester Self Catering we try to make a particular effort so that we can accommodate a huge range of interests, desires and wish lists for our varied groups.

What-is-your-dream-Summer-holiday-or-Hen-Party-involve- Hen Party venue location considerations and travel

Accessibility and travel choices have become more important. Guests are more environmentally savvy too – gone are the days when flying a group of 15 ladies away for a weekend on the continent seems a good idea, or even worthwhile.

“It’s like herding sheep” one organiser remarked to me last year as she struggled to get everyone into 3 cars just to go to the beach! The idea for her of keeping track of the Hens in a new, non-English speaking country appalled her!

From experience I have found that most guests are willing to travel for about 2 hours to a party venue. This is something to bear in mind when choosing a venue. For me, in Chichester, that means that all of London and the Home Counties are within easy distance, as is Dorset / Somerset (and for another hour Exeter). Plus Chichester is just over an hour from the M4 / A34 junction so that makes Bristol and the middle shires a reasonable option too.

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Clearly many will go further, as it is for their special friend or family member but this is the easily accepted time range. We also have a variety of transport options.

Then of course there are the attractions of Chichester itself –  brilliant beaches, glorious restaurants, an historic but small City, three wildlife-filled Harbours, outdoor museums and indoor art galleries of world-wide note. So many things to do for the inquiHens-in-tubcloseup.Barber15-150x150 Hen Party venue location considerations and travelsitive!

Then of course there is the most loved attraction of the location of all – the HOT TUB and SAUNA!


Arriving by car is by far the easiest – you have your own transport and can share the transport too, can bring food and drink supplies with you if you don’t want to make use of the supermarket delivery options. You can also car share. Fortunately we have plenty of tarmac parking (10-12 cars is no problem in the drive itself!) for a party.

If you are coming from London the fastest and most direct route is the A3 via Guildford. The A24 or A29 are also good options which join up with the south coast trunk road – the A27.

Kingley-Vale-treeavenue-150x150 Hen Party venue location considerations and travelTrain travel – direct trains (or with one stop at Barnham) are from London Victoria. The other option is from London Waterloo on SW Trains – change at Havant and then go East.

Coach – Chichester has its own coach / bus station near the transport hub with the trains / taxis. Direct coaches go from Victoria Coach station. Might be cheaper than the train but not sure about the price difference.

By Air! I have yet to have a Hen Party guest arrive by air – although I could accommodate a helicopter on the lawn! But, you never know… The nearest private airport is Goodwood. We are also served by both Southampton and Gatwick airports – both on direct train routes and each about an hour away. Luckily, if you do this option and come from another UK flight you don’t need your passport.

Taxis – there is a taxi rank at Chichester Train Station. They cost about £14 to get to Chichester Self Catering at Sidlesham, a bit less to get to Palmer’s at Birdham.

At least at the end of all this frenetic travel you can relax in the hot tub with a glass of something refreshing and relax with your girlfriends!

To enquire about availability and costs for your group please contact Gayle Palmer directly on 07769 746113 or on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HenPartyHaven/. I find it is always easier to chat vs type an email endlessly and find that the group wanted something quite different than the enquiry really asked for! Personalisation is the name of the game here! Thanks.

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