How to organise a Hen party – top tips


Organising a Hen Party – It’s a challenge isn’t it?!

So, you story so far…

  • Your BF has got engaged – hurray!
  • You have been asked to be in charge of the Hen Party – huh?
  • You agree ‘cos you don’t want to seem ungrateful for the responsibility – “Mmmm – should be OK”
  • Panic!!! What do you do now??!!

That’s where I come in! I am not a hen party organiser – I am an accommodation provider – BUT I know what problems you can hit – and I also have a vivid imagination for creating unusual things.

Hens-in-tubcloseup.Barber15-300x156 How to organise a Hen party - top tips

At Chichester Self Catering and Hen Party Haven we are able to provide a wide range of activities and services which the Hen Party group may be interested. This includes various dancing styles – have a lesson; a chocolate tempering workshop, cocktail or wine or champagne tasting; a cocktail making workshop; pottery painting and a whole lot more.

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The No. 1 top tip to start with is to know the BUDGET for the ladies.

If you are going out for a meal – are you looking at £20 a head or £80, or more? Does this include drinks? Does this include the taxi to get there and back?

bubbling-hot-tub-and-patio-300x200 How to organise a Hen party - top tips

If you are having a weekend break here – then the food and drink and entertainment needs to be planned for PLUS allow for the accommodation costs too! It seems obvious but it can be a big stumbling block.

Everyone has different ideas about what they want but its always a good idea to:-

Top Tip No. 2 – ASK the Bride what she would like to do, who to have there, when it will take place and where she may like to go e.g. the area of the country or if she has a particular desire to be fulfilled! Then, work around that…

West-Witt-beach How to organise a Hen party - top tips

I hope this helps the novice organiser. If you contact me, Gayle Palmer, directly at I can also send you some more information to help make your job easier! You can also ask about availability, guest options, things to do, access and more!

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