#BookDirect Day

#BookDirect Day helps you the holiday maker to both contact property owners directly but also often save money and have a better, personal service. Win-win.

https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=OSNRPvlugxA#BookDirect Day is a BIG deal in the world of independent and small hospitality property owners! Its held on the 6th February each year.

We struggle to get our own, direct bookings when folks google for places to stay, AWAY from the big booking engines – such as Booking.com, Homeandaway, AirBnb etc as they have so much financial clout to out bid us on the Google rankings!

See the youtube video I created. https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=OSNRPvlugxA

They can literally throw thousands of pounds at a search term to rank higher. Small independents who are struggling to make ends meet cannot hope to compete.

I have opted to NOT advertise or use the big “OTA’s” as they charge both me, the owner, and often YOU the customer large fees when making a booking and then do very little for their money.

I find it both immoral and unethical, and I want nothing to do with it. BUT, there is a big downside to this as well – it means I get far fewer bookings!

So, why should YOU #BookDirect with the holiday home owner?

Well, it saves everyone’s pocket – you pay no commission to me for the booking. What you pay is what you pay! It is fair and above board.

I would love it if you came back – I really want you to enjoy your holiday and your experience of the whole area. I do my best to make the stay fun, easy and memorable. From extra touches in the house to how you get your emails, the newsletters, Facebook pages and answering your queries. Even what goes into your welcome hamper.

I can provide a PERSONAL SERVICE. (For no extra money, and sometimes less!)

So, please, next time you are looking for your holiday, by all means find the house you want to stay in, but then do an EXTRA SEARCH – 

* google the name of the house and location eg Living Elements, Sidlesham – and see if an owners website comes up.

* Contact the owner directly, in person – by phone or email.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the results that 1-2-1 contact will make to your stay.

Thanks on behalf of holiday home owners everywhere.

Gayle Palmer, Chichester Self Catering. 2019