“I’m bored!!” – not any longer!

Im bored jar

“Mum!!!! I’m bored! What can I do???”

Ever heard that one before?! Of course, all parents have, and their parents before them!…

It is more usual to hear when you are at home and when even the electronic gadgets are failing to inspire and capture the imagination, but even on holiday it happens sometimes.

Gayle is determined that it is a rare occurrence – usually uttered more due to laziness and habit than actual fact. If children are not used to thinking and entertaining themselves they lose their creativity. But, to help out all the parents – she created an “I’m Bored” jar…

In the jar, on over 100 coloured hearts, are simple statements of things that YOU CAN DO!

Ideas, posing questions, creating new thoughts, creativity generating tasks, and simple or easy activities for ALL the family! There are NO EXCUSES to be bored now!Im-bored-jar-300x251 "I'm bored!!" - not any longer!

They are designed to:

  • open new thought pathways
  • widen young horizons
  • reconnect adults to being child-like
  • encourage play
  • stimulate sharing and joint activities
  • introduce learning in a fun way
  • BE FUN!

Everyone has a different concept of what they may like to do and what they can do. Fortunately younger children are really keen to explore and learn – about the things about them.

Holidays are an ideal time to encourage this growing, developing and enquiring mind and improve communication and dexterity skills. They also LOVE to do this with the undivided attention of an adult or another child.

Children LOVE to be with other people. The creative act is increased with someone to interact with!

So make a point of having a creative morning or day or a theme / project for a certain period, or even your whole stay as a whole family if you can! Go on – you are on holiday!

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