Micro-adventures to try this Summer


It’s time to start planning a summer adventure.

Adventures don’t have to be epic expensive affairs – like hiking the Grand Canyon or pack-rafting across Iceland! – and anyway – they aren’t in the UK. So here are some ideas to do when you have a staycation near Chichester. Please share this post on Facebook or Twitter so others can benefit. Thanks!

They can just be inexpensive, small things that take you outside your regular daily routine.

Here’s a few (40) suggestions… Any you want to add to the mix? Put a comment at the bottom!
1) Hike up a mountain – in our case the dry coombes of the South Downs as we don;t have mountains as such!
2) Swim in the sea – best off West Wittering Beachsouth-downs-way-top-News-150x150 Micro-adventures to try this Summer
3) Go to a local outside Museum – try the Weald and Downland, or Cass Sculpture Park.
4) Try surfing – body, board or kite – all off the beaches!
5) Sleep out under the stars – no light pollution here – especially in the back field!
6) Head off on a road trip – go where the road takes you – try the windy village roads for some extra surprises.
7) Cook a meal from foraged food – you would be surprised what you can eat. Ask Gayle for more ideas..
8) Build a campfirecyclingalongbeach-150x150 Micro-adventures to try this Summer
9) Cycle somewhere you’ve never been before
10) Have a BBQ on the beach
11) Go kayaking
12) Learn to scuba dive – Selsey Dive Centre or the Witterings one can help you out.
13) Set off on a 3+ day hiking and camping trip – South Downs Way is popular.
14) Go skydiving or ballooning – options locally.
15) Try fishing – coarse or sea fishing.
16) Go wild camping
17) Try mountain biking
sharks-teeth-150x142 Micro-adventures to try this Summer18) Learn another language
19) Eat dinner outside – large dining table and gas BBQ to hand!
20) Go skinny dipping
21) Spend one week without internet or using a mobile phone – Freedom!
22) Learn the names of five constellations
23) Try a yoga or Pilates or Mindfulness class
24) Try a different way of getting about – walking, cycling, take the bus or train or even skating. Ditch the car for the day!
25) Go fossil hunting
26) Learn to meditate
27) Grow vegetables
28) Climb a tree
29) Go on a night bike ride
30) Learn to identify five birds in your garden

shortearedowl.Medmerry2015-150x150 Micro-adventures to try this Summer
A short-eared owl at Medmerry Harbour

31) Learn to identify five plants or trees around you
32) Follow a river – all the way to its source
33) Walk magnetic north until dusk – and see where you find yourself
34) Spend an evening on a hill – in the style of Alastair Humphreys
35) Watch the sunrise in the middle of nowhere – or on the beach
36) Hitchhike somewhere new
37) Sign up for a race
38) Sleep on a beach – but take a blanket with you!
39) Take a bus or train to the end of the line – from Chichester bus depot
40) Do a canal boat trip with a walk at the end

Has this inspired you? I hope so…there are more detailed articles about some of these options – search through the News blog.

Ready for some fun in the sun (and outdoors?!) If you wish to stay at Chichester Self Catering please contact Gayle directly. 07769 746113

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