New Beach-themed garden at Living Elements


I am delighted to say that the new beach-themed garden is now finished at Living Elements. I have been thinking about creating it for about 10years – and finally got round to it this Summer! Hurray!20160716_113410-300x169 New Beach-themed garden at Living Elements

I hope it will be well used, especially by my younger guests. It is tucked in a side area off the main lawn, protected on 3 sides be fences and a tall yew hedge it can be a den or pirate area for the children! It is about 30m2 – so its BIG!

A-bit-of-a-picnic-150x150 New Beach-themed garden at Living Elements

There is a boat-shaped sand pit (with a cover – to keep the cats from messing in the sand – so please replace it) with buckets, shells and other digging paraphernalia.

Large shingle has been used again to prevent the local cats from messing there and there are large stepping stones down to a driftwood bench made from a plank that I rescued off the beach! Along with a drum table its a good place for a picnic or to read a book.

A few lobster pots, more shells and fishing nets complete the ensemble plus the stainless steel work from the bow stanchions of a real boat!Lobster-pot-150x150 New Beach-themed garden at Living Elements

It is already a huge hit with my niece and nephew – so I suspect it will be for your children too!

Do let me know what they think of it when they come to stay please.

Happyinthesandboat-150x150 New Beach-themed garden at Living Elements

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