NEW dog-proof greenhouse door slider

Echo and greenhousedoor

Chichester Self Catering has a BIG greenhouse (it is a commercial brand) and the two 10 foot sliding doors are suitably large too. It is adjacent to the garden at Living Elements.

The challenge has always been that during the Summer months the greenhouse gets really hoot, and even with the vents fully open needs more air to pull through for plant-comfort!

Well my friend Robin from the village, who services commercial greenhouses professionally all over the country, has come up trumps! He has hand designed and built two big inner sliding doors with mesh which are lockable – to keep my dog in, and other guests dogs out (and or their children!). The greenhouse is not necessarily a very safe environment for kids! At the same time I can ensure that my precious tropical plants don’t die from heat stroke or similar by allowing plenty of air to circulate.

What do you think of them?

19510562_1570191256372400_7741604176866985882_n NEW dog-proof greenhouse door slider
Echo and the greenhouse door

As Echo can easily vault the five bar gate, they have had to be fully meshed!!

19601271_1570191309705728_1907640871694321319_n NEW dog-proof greenhouse door slider

It is an elegant and easy solution to the challenge of roaming mammals!

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…Going that little bit extra to provide peace of mind for your holiday stay.

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