Self catering accommodation after a house “disaster”


Have you had a fire or flood at your house?

In need of speedy short term accommodation? I may have a solution for you!yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Self catering accommodation after a house "disaster"

LEdiningroom.side_.herit_-150x150 Self catering accommodation after a house "disaster"In 2012 my family house nearby had an internal flood (a plumbing fitting burst in the loft and wasn’t found for 8 hours!). There was 3cm of water in the kitchen. All the carpets had to be ripped out, furniture jacked up onto bricks temporarily, windows opened to let things air and the electricity turned off immediately etc! It took months to dry out, everything went into storage… and we decided to substantially re-build… so I know what its like to lose your house unexpectedly, for months!!

You will probably be offered hotel accommodation initially for a few days by your insurance company but after that…well – you want a “home” right?

Here, Both properties offer a home from home. Its not the same as your own, BUT its

  • dry
  • warm
  • clean
  • comfortable
  • has all the facilities you have at home (and maybe more!)front-of-house-and-East-patio-150x150 Self catering accommodation after a house "disaster"
  • has parking
  • storage
  • close to Chichester City and local villages
  • pet-friendly
  • disabled access

I know what a shock it is to lose your home, have your possessions in storage but Chichester Self Catering may offer another option for you and your family vs going into a hotel etc. Self catering accommodation after a house "disaster"My heart goes out to you… its a horrible and upsetting event; but good can come of it, even if you can’t see that right now.

Give me a call – 07769 746113 and we can discuss the options and your requirements.newkitchenLE-worktop.3000-150x150 Self catering accommodation after a house "disaster"

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