Surprising arisings from the beach!

Surprising Arisings from the Beach!

There is masses of news about litter and pollution – which is a good thing. More awareness is essential if we don’t want to kill ourselves off in double quick time!

What is also noticeable around the Chichester area (as with any other) is how much litter and debris there can be, including on our miles of beautiful beaches.

As part of my desire to “make a difference” to my local area (and also safeguard my standard poodle from more cut paws) I have adopted an area of Sidlesham to litter pick from regularly, and this gets extended to various beaches when we have beach walks.

Well today was a truly exceptional haul and I thought I would share the results with you! I know this isn’t really a tourism “plus point” – but it might make people think and take their own actions – and to say that thanks to my actions and others – the local environment is a much nicer place to visit!

Surprising-Arisings-from-the-Beach Surprising arisings from the beach!

Back  at Easter 2018 I started the Sidlesham Litter Pickers on Facebook – a small group of villagers who volunteer to help to clean up around our very large village – which is mainly rural and agricultural mainly with quite a few roads passing through it. It is the largest Parish in West Sussex in fact but only has 573 residences in it. I am often the only person who posts, but its a way of recording how much and what I retrieve on a regular basis.

One of the easiest walks to get to especially if you have a dog, with free parking and wilder scenery is at East Beach  in Selsey. It is quiet and stunning with views to Bognor and Butlins and up towards Chichester Cathedral and Pagham Harbour as well.

It was very cold today – about zero, so well wrapped up and armed with a huge purple bin bag I set off. We have recently had some southerly winds and big spring tides which drives any debris onto the beaches…. clearly none of the regular beach litter pickers had been to this end of the beach recently. There was quite a haul in just half a mile of beach!

You can see more about it here on the Facebook page: SidleshamLitterPickers post

So in total there was 8.6kg which is bonkers in itself and I couldn’t carry anymore because some was awkward..

The trove included:

  • A large fish tray used by the fishermen, but it was split
  • Base of a crab pot
  • Bunch of keys- well salted!
  • Rope various – mainly plastic ones
  • Some wood incl some hardwood with metal fixings through.
  • Various plastic e.g. bucket handle, PVC tape etc
  • Fishing line with 2 big hooks and other bits and interesting clips etc
  • A Witches broom!! – by far my best find and still has bristles!
  • Child’s blue Croc
  • Bicycle seat
  • Fishing float
  • Small blue childs’ bucket
  • A few aluminium cans and plastic bottles

Surprising-Arisings-from-the-Beach-2-300x251 Surprising arisings from the beach!

So – if you go down to the beach when you visit –

A. take a spare bag or container to collect things in

B. Take just #2minutesbeachclean Even a few things removed from the beach makes a difference to wildlife and beach safety.

C. DO take a photo and post it on the SidleshamLitterPickers page   or onto your own social media timelines.

Thank you!

Gayle and Echo

Gayle-and-Echo-2017-150x150 Surprising arisings from the beach!

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