The benefits of being by the sea


Time by the ocean or any stretch of water is very healing but salty water makes the most difference.

There is a science behind this too!

Spending time by the water can leave you rested, recharged, soothed, calmed and restored.

Gayle Palmer, your host at Chichester Self Catering, has always spent lots of time by the sea as she was brought up sailing from Itchenor, in Chichester Harbour. It is one of her “happy places”.

Being in a “blue space” as scientists call it creates the reactions in our bodies quite naturally. So what exactly happens?

Our minds are sent into a restful, hypnotic space due to the soothing smells (high in ozone) and the sound of the water lapping on the shore etc.

Being by the sea reduces depression.

The sound of the waves can induce a true hypnotic state and this increases your mental clarity and reduces depression.

Increases creativity.

With your brain so relaxed it is open to creating new neural pathways and linking up others in novel ways. This ability to have your mind wander freely aids creativity – great for adults and children!

De-stresses the nervous system.

Water has lots of negatively-charged ions in it, sea water has even more than fresh. Having a swim helps to neutralise the positive ions given off my modern technology (phones, etc) which make us irritable, cranky, angrey and overworked.

Alters your perspective on the World.

Being reminded that you are actually a very insignificant part of the whole planet, although you are the centre of your own world of course!, and that there are bigger forces at work (some of which you could influence) is both humbling and inspiring.

Get close to Nature.

Feeling the elements on your physical body, breathing in the “prana” or “life breath” of the sea and feeling it reach all levels of the body and mind and enjoying hearing Nature going about its business – Gulls calling, Oystercatchers running along the beach,  Skylarks singing high in the sky, fish jump etc is one of the best, free, pleasures you can get!
wavesonbeach The benefits of being by the sea

If you are ready for some natural relaxation and re-tuning – book a holiday here and visit the many miles of beaches, and three harbours that surround this oasis of calm. Then come home for more thoughtful touches at each of the properties to maintain the benefits.

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