The Goodwood Revival – a vintage spectacle


When I think of the Goodwood Revival I think of

  • Beautiful cars
  • Beautiful vintage iconic clothes
  • Fairgrounds
  • Pimms and beer tents
  • Dancing
  • Happy, laughing and excited people
  • Polite British customs – eg queuing in lines!
  • Old fashioned brands and signage
  • Fantastic racing in classic cars who don’t hold back!
  • Vintage shopping and novel stalls
  • Classic aeroplanes whizzing acrobatically through the skies

Bugatti-follows-a-Bentley-Blower-at-Living-Elements-2013-300x225 The Goodwood Revival - a vintage spectacle

The Bentley V8 supercharged blower and Bugatti have been house guests for a few years at Chichester Self Catering.

This is such a unique and special event that Lord March and team has created at Goodwood in the grounds of the racetrack.

There is so much to see and do for everyone – all ages, interests (whether car-related or not) and full of fun. It is one of those – “must do once in a lifetime” events – so I urge you to experience it for yourself. It runs over the Fri, Sat and Sunday – early to mid September and is always fully sold out!

P9110051-300x225 The Goodwood Revival - a vintage spectacle

I am able to offer accommodation for larger groups and find that my customers often are the stallholders at the Show vs visitors, but they DO come with some lovely cars! If you wish to stay you MUST book up as early as possible.

RevivalBentleys-150x150 The Goodwood Revival - a vintage spectacle

A TOP TIP is to spend some time out in the car parks, especially those close to the entrance by the bridge for “Over-the-Road” which is reserved for the GRRC Members (Goodwood Road and Racing Club) – as there is row upon row of superb vintage and classic cars of all sorts. Its mind-blowing! (They also have the most wonderful picnics all dressed up in appropriate attire.)Revival-showcars-300x225 The Goodwood Revival - a vintage spectacle

The Revival is the only historic race meeting to be staged entirely in period dress and is a return to the halcyon days of Goodwood as the spiritual home of British motor racing.

The racing is flat out and highly competitive with classic cars in lots of classes doing the Goodwood Circuit. There are also expensive and damaging accidents and slides from time to time – it’s quite something to see a £1/4M car get beaten up!

The planes haven’t been forgotten, the aerodrome in the centre of Revivalplanes-300x225 The Goodwood Revival - a vintage spectaclethe circuit is grass and has many beautiful examples of classic and vintage planes who fly in especially for the weekend. Large and small, distinguished service records during the Wars included.

So get your ticket early (, search the second hand and vintage clothes shops – anything from 1920’s to 60’s is appropriate. It could be service wear, day wear, going-out wear, Sunday wear, dancing wear…almost anything – just DON’T turn up in jeans and make no effort! Afterall…most can manage some overalls, a flat cap and boots!

Revivalarmy-150x150 The Goodwood Revival - a vintage spectacle

Second top tip – if its been wet in the week leading up to the Show – buy WELLIES! It can be a quagmire. No one minds, but getting stuck in mud, cold and wet is no fun and spoils the day (and your shoes)!

The Goodwood Revival – a superb day out!

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