The UK’s largest Sweet Pea grower is just round the corner!


Who doesn’t like sweet peas??!

They are an early – midsummer climbing plant, when grown outside. They come in lots of different colours and colour mixes, and the best ones have a delightful, sweet scent which you just can’t get enough of!sweetpeas The UK's largest Sweet Pea grower is just round the corner!In the garden they tend to have fairly short stems and can be a bit temperamental to grow – they like lots of light, and warmth and not too much wind exposure… and lots of feeding, and lots of watering, and lots of pinching out… and very regular picking to ensure a succession of new flowers!

Whew!! Well even though I am a keen gardener, just down the road from Chichester Self Catering is the UK’s largest producer of top quality sweet peas for the commercial market – they grow for Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and for weddings, florists etc… and believe me – I know I can’t compete!

Greenlines Nursery is on the Birdham Straight and has been running or 30 years. They are now selling some sweet peas “from the door” so you may be lucky enough to buy some during your stay. Enjoy!! There are plenty of suitable vases to put them in.

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