Visit Cowes during Cowes Week

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Cowes – it sounds funny, especially when you realise that there aren’t any cows there! But it is a lovely Isle of Wight town that the ferry goes straight into  – both East and West Cowes.

(Go either from Southampton to West Cowes or Portsmouth for the car ferry to East Cowes).

If you get the chance to visit during the world’s largest yacht racing regatta – known as Cowes Week, not only will you see the town with all its bunting out, but there are many activities and attractions onshore all day, in case you don’t want to watch the boats on the Solent.

The-Red-Arrows-at-Cowes-IoW-2heart Visit Cowes during Cowes Week

It is always held during the week of the end of July / first week in August – it adjusts slightly each year. For those on the social scene it directly follows “Glorious Goodwood” horseracing near Chichester.

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Amongst many onshore activities one of the highlights is Friday evening – the last or penultimate day of racing.

The Red Arrows visit in the late afternoon and later there are the Fireworks off the Royal Yacht Squadron. (Commonly known as The Castle)The-Red-Arrows-at-Cowes-IoW-3-300x251 Visit Cowes during Cowes Week

They are free and can be seen best though from The Parade or The Green, but get there early as it is busy! Plus you need to wiggle your way past the beer tents etc!

The-Red-Arrows-at-Cowes-IoW-4-300x251 Visit Cowes during Cowes Week

The town has many other delights and it can all be accessed along the High Street – restaurants, bars and there are boat excursions too.

If you want to watch some of the racing you need to be there in the morning – from 10am and position yourself off the Royal Yacht Squadron start line. Bring binoculars too as many get sent to race round buoys off the Bramble Bank.

RYS-cannons Visit Cowes during Cowes Week

Its a great place for a one day visit – you can even go by train!

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