What is in your WELCOME PACK? Why does it give you real value?


Dear Guest,

I know that some people think that the costs charged for a quality house can be expensive but what you may not see in the price are all the extras that are included in the price which you are quoted. So I thought I would explain and then you can work out if it is worth your hard-earned money to enhance YOUR experience and enjoyment of your stay at Chichester Self Catering! It will also help to explain why the cost is The Cost! If you just compare the cost of a holiday at face value with another property make sure you know what you are getting!

First though – let me ask YOU what you expect when you stay at a self catering home? Is it a home-from-home or somewhere to just sleep?

Have you stayed at cheap places where there was no tea towel, no linen for the beds and no washing up liquid? Perhaps there was salt and pepper but no cooking flavourings of any sort e.g  herbs and some spices? The knives were so blunt and old that they didn’t cut and there was only enough crockery for one meal before needing to wash it up? The 50p electricity meter went through money at a rate which was unbelievable and made no difference!

How did that make you feel? How easy did that make your first evening on arrival with your cooking or breakfast the next day?

WelcomePack1 What is in your WELCOME PACK? Why does it give you real value?

I have, many years ago! I made me determined to make sure that my guests’ experience was successful right from the start, if I possibly could! It may not always be perfect, sometimes things don’t work and I or my cleaners haven’t noticed or been told about them but there are some basics which I think are essential.

So your welcome basket is one thing – the basket that you are greeted by when you first arrive – but the rest of the welcome pack may not be quite so obvious!

You will find details about the accommodation including about the local history, what’s around in the area and places to visit in the comprehensive House Handbooks. There are also useful contact details in there, including how to get to the local shops / supermarkets etc Plus appliances info. There is also a checklist for when you leave.

  • There are OS maps of the local areas
  • Tourist information
  • In depth ideas of things to do locally from me – with my locals knowledge.
  • Stamped postcards – buy more for 75p each
  • A surprise treat – maybe biscuits, strawberries if in season, aperitif snacks etc
  • As standard there is milk in the fridge (unless you specify that you need soya milk or other)
  • Tea – “Builders” and herbal teas and coffee (filter for the coffee machines and instant), sugar.

Your beds are all made up for your arrival, plus towels. Please don’t use these towels for the hot tub or sauna though. Bring your own. Thank you.

If you are staying at Living Elements, there is important information about the safety and usage of the hot tub and sauna which you are requested to read carefully BEFORE using and ensuring that everyone else understands the safety instructions. These also apply if you are with a group but staying at Nature’s Elements and using the other houses’ facilities.

Other supplies include:

Sharp knives and quality cutlery. Lots of crockery and bowls and saucepans of all sizes. Crockery and cutlery for younger children, including plastic beakers.

Olive oil, ketchup, salt and pepper, herbs and spices. Several cutting boards.  Plenty of serving bowls and plates. Cafetieres and teapots. Milk and gravy jugs. Water carafes.
Linen tea towels, washing up liquid and kitchen cloths
Dishwasher tablets, washing up brushes, finger brush and long bottles brush
Tin foil and cling film, plastic bags, some carrier bags
Liquid soap in all the bathrooms (and more cleaning products)

There is a

  • A wind-up torch and some candles in case of a power cut
  • Note paper and pens
  • A box of odds and ends – it includes a spare fire alarm battery, string, sellotape, spare curtain hooks, elastic bands
  • Spare light bulbs of various sorts
  • A first aid kit – please replace any items if they are used so it is always available.
  • Doormats and hoses for cleaning muddy shoes and wellies. (The doormats can get washed at 30-40 degrees)
  • Washing lines and pegs and peg bags
  • Clothes baskets
  • A “I’m Bored” jar with ideas of things to do
  • Books and some toys – for adults and children incl cookery books

For our child guests: If there are young children staying there are crayons, paper / books / games especially for them. If you have a baby or young child there is a travel cot (or two) plus baby wipes! We also provide toilet stools, a potty, travel cot, child monitor and bottle warmer!

For the older children there are puzzles and some board games (to keep them off the electronic devices for some down time!), card packs and various other games.

Of course there is also Wifi!

Then there is the Gas BBQ and appropriate cooking utensils and racks.

WelcomePack2 What is in your WELCOME PACK? Why does it give you real value?

For our pet guests – Dogs – you will find poo bags, treats etc and water bowls for them. We have made all the gardens dog secure, although a determined small dog may still be able to escape. In which case there is a lead stake! Outside hoses to wash them down and a towel to dry them off with. (NOT to be used for anything else!)

I have provided plenty of cleaning products and quality mops and buckets and or Dyson vacuum cleaners.

So!! Was that MORE than you expected???

Any idea how much that all costs to provide? …On top of the oil for the central heating and PV panels for the hot water and and some electricity, council tax, insurances, garden maintenance, website provision etc?! LOTS!!

This is why the price that is quoted for the accommodation is WORTH every penny, and we are proud to be able to provide this for your holiday.

In return I ask for politeness, respect for the property and contents and honesty if something doesn’t go quite right!

I do aim to make your holiday a success as far as I can.

Any thoughts or questions or extra requests – please – ask away!

See you soon at Chichester Self Catering. Call me on 07769 746113 to enquire.

Gayle Palmer

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