What to wear to the Hen Party Weekend?


No self-respecting party goer would turn up not knowing what to wear that is appropriate! Afterall – if it’s a themed partyhen-do-470x313-150x150 What to wear to the Hen Party Weekend? eg ghosts, red and white, Rocky Horror, Vintage and Classic, chill out, get pampered and have some old fashioned party games,  beach and surf theme or whatever – knowing this can make or break the atmosphere.

So, if you are organising an event – be it one night or a weekend – there are a few do’s and don’ts that makes life easy and fun for all.

  1. If you have a theme or specific activities planned – tell the rest of the guests well in advance. Even ask them for ideas of how to create this for  particular budget.
  2. If the party venue has a spa – a swimming costume is a MUST (and an extra towel) and flip flops may be useful, plus a dressing gown.
  3. Give simple but easy to follow instructions to all in the group well in advance eg 6-8proseccochoices-300x150 What to wear to the Hen Party Weekend? weeks before so that everyone has enough time to plan or buy what is needed.
  4. Be aware of everyone’s budget. What to wear doesn’t often get included in what everyone has budgeted for… A beach themed party could mean – flipflops, or sandals; bright T-shirts and shorts, a sun hat or baseball cap, swimsuit. A swanky dinner evening may mean a new frock and shoes, handbag, makeup and a vintage theme may mean that a hairdresser is required for those Victory rolls!
  5. Make sure that the Bride-to-be is still centre-stage – so she gets to wear the diamonds!
  6. It is easy to get carried away with the weekend as an organiser but keep in mind what the Hen herself really likes and dislikes. Interview her if necessary! Afterall, if she is an outdoor, adventure kind-of-girl staying in a hotel in a city centre is probably not her thing; but likewise orienteering or abseiling will terrify most of the ladies.
  7. shutterstock_100735138-300x200 What to wear to the Hen Party Weekend?

At Chichester Self catering I have a wide network of suppliers who can bring ideas and activities directly to you (see this post for more ideas –Hen party ideas) depending on what the Hen and group are interested in.

Henpartybumps.2000px-150x150 What to wear to the Hen Party Weekend?The biggest challenge as an organiser is budget and getting a large group to be aligned, in advance! There has to be some give and take.

Good luck ladies!

If I can help, please get in touch via info@chichesterselfcatering.co.uk or call 07769 746113

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