Easy ways to plan your cycling in the Chichester area


We are blessed with having quite a few designated cycleways around the District, many in quiet and even wild areas of the countryside!

Now there are easy ways to plan your routes / time taken to get from A to B, and make the most of your cycling opportunities.yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 Easy ways to plan your cycling in the Chichester areamountain-biker-has-a-rest Easy ways to plan your cycling in the Chichester area

The most local routes near Chichester Self Catering are:

Salterns Way – from Chichester to West Wittering across the other side of the Peninsula; and Bill Way – around Selsey.

There are new cycle routes around the new Medmerry Harbour as well as bridleways and footpaths, and two places to park if you wish to start out a bit nearer. For those who want a bit more “work” the South Downs options open up plenty of challenges.

Our cycling guests really love the area as it’s all pretty level ground, but you can always add some more work by going up by the South Downs….

cyclingalongbeach Easy ways to plan your cycling in the Chichester areaWest Sussex County Council have taken it one stage further and you can now plan your route between 2 points. Just put in your start and end points and WSCC website takes care of the rest. http://cyclejourneyplanner.westsussex.gov.uk/

If you wish to hire cycles during your stay – please contact www.summitbikes.co.uk who will happily deliver them here and collect after use too. They come with helmets etc too.

Please note – that cycling on the local roads can be hazardous due to POTHOLES – as many roads have springs under them in the wet months! It is therefore advisable to always wear a cycle helmet in case of a topple.

If you have found some particularly good places to visit – please, let us know via the Comments page and take some photos, so your advice can help our other cycling guests. Thank you.

The local area also hold specific cycling events, so if you are interested please see http://www.chichester.gov.uk/article/23975/Cycling-upcoming-events for all the latest news.

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