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The farming year is turning – it’s Autumn

The mornings are getting much darker, the evenings too and the soil is cooling. Its the time of year for warming stews, evenings by the TV with crumpets and Marmite plus the big TV shows. Its a cosy time of year! We have had a beautiful Autumn but fields are now getting their Autumn /

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Fishbourne and Dell Quay

At the end of Chichester Harbour – the main branch are the villages of Dell Quay and Fishbourne – literally where the “fish are born”! With long histories of sailing and commercial importance – especially for the Romans and Saxons due to their proximity to the City of Chichester and the South Downs these villages

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Selsey Lifeboat Retrieval

 The new Selsey Lifeboat launches and retrieves their boat in a quite different way to the past when there was a boat house on a pier. Here you can watch what happens whilst she (RNLI 13-20 Denise and Eric) is on an evening exercise down at the beach. Initially the crew were nervous about

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The benefits of being by the sea

Time by the ocean or any stretch of water is very healing but salty water makes the most difference. There is a science behind this too! Spending time by the water can leave you rested, recharged, soothed, calmed and restored. Gayle Palmer, your host at Chichester Self Catering, has always spent lots of time by

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EARTH DAY – what we do to save the planet

Saving the planet with simple (and harder) measures is thankfully in the news again. So I thought I would remind you of some of the things which we do to minimise our environmental impact – and hope that YOU also do your bit, when you stay here. #ExtinctionRebellion Gayle is very careful to not pollute

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BookDirectDay2019 Blog

#BookDirect Day

#BookDirect Day helps you the holiday maker to both contact property owners directly but also often save money and have a better, personal service. Win-win.

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Surprising arisings from the beach!

There is masses of news about litter and pollution – which is a good thing. More awareness is essential if we don’t want to kill ourselves off in double quick time! What is also noticeable around the Chichester area (as with any other) is how much litter and debris there can be, including on our

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EV (Electric car) charging point is now here!

I have had a commitment to renewable and environment-saving energy and waste solutions for many years. It gives me great pleasure to say that there is now a high-power electric car charging point at the Sidlesham site for guests to use. This covers both the Living and Nature’s Elements accommodation and the Living Elements Clinic

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A short break is as good as a holiday

We all just need to “get away” from our normal lives sometimes don’t we? Thing is… we aren’t always as good at taking the next step! So at Chichester Self Catering I am here to make it easy for you… just pick up the phone (01243 641665); LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING TO

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Fireworks-free visits for nervous dogs

Autumn – means fireworks in many places – and terror for your pets. 🙁 They cower in corners, shake under beds or won’t leave your side… sound familiar? Do you want to get away, at least for a weekend and get through this period with some dignity and less stress for everyone? I am have

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We have a commitment to the environment – do you?

Gayle Palmer, your host, along with her dog, Echo – have an ongoing commitment to the local environment. We are part of the voluntary Sidlesham Litter Pickers – villagers who in their own time go and and keep the roads and other places clear of rubbish. Could you help to do you bit too please?

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Visit Cowes during Cowes Week

Cowes – it sounds funny, especially when you realise that there aren’t any cows there! But it is a lovely Isle of Wight town that the ferry goes straight into  – both East and West Cowes. (Go either from Southampton to West Cowes or Portsmouth for the car ferry to East Cowes). If you get

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