EV (Electric car) charging point is now here!


I have had a commitment to renewable and environment-saving energy and waste solutions for many years.

It gives me great pleasure to say that there is now a high-power electric car charging point at the Sidlesham site for guests to use.

This covers both the Living and Nature’s Elements accommodation and the Living Elements Clinic for my Osteopathic clients too. 

ECcharging.CSC_ EV (Electric car) charging point is now here!

We know that some of our customers, especially those who live in London, have electric and hybrid cars, and wanted to ensure that you could still use your car in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way when you are on holiday.

It is a coin-operated charging point using either £1 or £2 coins – so it makes it easy for everyone. Just put in your money, plug in the car and once the credit has been used – you are ready to go! Simple!

Our other energy efficient systems include PV (photo-voltaic cells) on all of our property roofs for electricity generation – this helps to pay for the electricity and then feeds back extra electricity to the national grid. It also heats the hot water at both Living Elements and Palmer’s – by using an immersion heating elements in the water tanks – thereby making most of your hot water supply “free”.

At Nature’s Elements there is an air-source heat-exchanger for hot water and heating throughout the building, including the clinic.

All of these measures are in addition to insulating all of our buildings to the most amount – and where possible, if it has been a new-build – to have masses of extra insulation (above the recommended by building regulations) under the floors, plus putting in water-fed floor heating systems. It makes our accommodation healthy and cosy and efficient.

If you want to know what other environmental measures we take – just as Gayle! There is lots of waste recycling, planting in the garden to increase productivity etc going on. 🙂

Enjoy your stay.

To make a reservation or check out other questions call Gayle Palmer directly on 07769 746113

Gayle-and-Echo-2017-150x150 EV (Electric car) charging point is now here!

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