Do you love making dens (or did you?!)

Top of the Den King and Queen!

Can you remember making dens when you were a child? I think it is an important skill to acquire – and they are such great fun to do too.

Nature’s Elements has a BIG open garden and by using some of the materials that are at hand you can easily make some enterprising dens for playtime for all ages and abilities.

The space is perfect for this use, plus the large trampoline could also be used for a shady retreat too!

Top-of-the-Den-King-and-Queen Do you love making dens (or did you?!)

This enterprising pair used one of the large cable drums (usually a mobile cocktail / party table!) as the base and then infilled.

As you can see – it was very suitable. They had lots of FUN deciding what and where to place things.

Den-Makers-Extraordinaire Do you love making dens (or did you?!)

Truly – kings of their own castle!

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