Festival of Speed at Goodwood – Accommodation near the event

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The Festival of Speed at Goodwood is a huge motor show, and more! – So to get the most out of it by planning your day(s) and your stay. (Accomm still available!)

The main website is a help – Goodwood FOS webpage but there are some other things to consider too…

Its a huge event over a large area, right in front of historic Goodwood House. You will be doing A LOT of walking – so wear shoes you can be comfortable in, over all terrains – grass, tarmac etc and just standing about!

sub2 Festival of Speed at Goodwood - Accommodation near the event

If it has rained before the event – with so many visitors and traffic – it becomes a mud-bath! Bring wellies and good socks!

There are many types and options for food and drink on site of course, but if you bring your own bottle of water that may help, at least to start with. Don’t forget – that dehydration makes you tired and irritable! With all the excitement and adrenaline pumping – it is easy to forget to drink!

Goodwood-FOS-advert-FBpost Festival of Speed at Goodwood - Accommodation near the event

  • Have your phone memory cleared of photos or take a proper camera with plenty of charged battery life! Missing a special photo is a pain.

The first Festival, in June 1993, redefined what a car event could be, and, in the years since, it has firmly established itself as the world’s greatest celebration of motorsport and car culture.

We shall have to wait to see what the big display in front of the house will have on it! Here are some from previous years…

FOSsculpturescollage-300x300 Festival of Speed at Goodwood - Accommodation near the event

There are many ways to get to the event – including train and then bus; private car and you can even arrive by plane / helicopter! The car queues are VERY long and slow though – and get routed around the Estate to the many car parks / fields. Allow plenty of time.

Take time to just sit and watch people! Have regular breaks – your brain gets tired from processing all the new images, sounds and smells! Give your muscles a chance to rest too.

Don’t forget that Chichester Self Catering provides excellent accommodation for weary travellers – as long as they pre-book! There is a minimum of three nights stay or two nights for the price of three. For 2021 – there are 3 properties available only – Living and Nature’s Elements and Palmer’s at Birdham. They are SELF-CATERING ONLY.

DSC_1678-150x150 Festival of Speed at Goodwood - Accommodation near the event

Relax in the sauna and discuss what you have seen after a long day walking around. Unwind those muscles and sleep soundly on comfortable beds.

It’s time to kick-back!

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