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Staycations are great! Do you know why?

You get to see and explore our own magical island. Enjoy the best parts – the beaches, the wildlife, the historical cities, the interesting museums, attractions and sites which really make us GREAT!

More and more people are choosing to enjoy England for some very good reasons and you will like them all. Let me explain in more detail…

staycationthisyear Save with a staycation

Reasons to stay in the UK for your holidays this year.

The British pound has got a lot more expensive to use if you go abroad. The exchange Summer-grasses-150x150 Save with a staycationrates and uncertainty with Brexit etc. has meant that the value of the pound has been devalued everywhere in the world. In effect you get much less for your money in 2017 than you did in 2014-5 for example. Holidays to European countries now cost an average family of four £250 more. That could go a long way towards your UK holiday!

So if it costs more for all the basics, let alone the exciting add-ons – how are you going to pay for that?

So – stay in England and SAVE MONEY.

eating-icecream-150x150 Save with a staycationIt is also showing up the challenges for the whole travel industry as not only are foreign holidays more expensive but the travel companies, with a drop in reservations, are also struggling. Some have already gone bankrupt – which has left tourists abroad on ships or in hotels and struggling to get home. Even if they were ATOL-protected it all adds to the stress levels when you should be hassle-free. The latest casualty has been a well respected and reliable cruising company – All Leisure Holidays.

Stay in England and avoid companies going bankrupt.

Travelling abroad invariably means going by plane. We are an island nation after all. This means passports, getting to the airport in good time, paying extra for the luggage because you are “saving money” by flying EasyJet or RyanAir(!) (and often an extra overnight stay to get to the extra early flight time) and paying for expensive food whilst you wait to go.  It can also mean hiring a car at the other end or having more transfer costs, plus lugging the luggage around.

Stay in England and avoid the airport waits and extra costs.

Are you bilingual? Are you family too? Well in that case have you chosen to visit a cyclingalongbeach-150x150 Save with a staycationcountry where you can speak the native tongue to get you the best deals for food etc.? No? Well why not speak your mother tongue for the whole of your holiday and be able to easily communicate with your host? 1f642 Save with a staycation Gayle Palmer loves to help her guests to make the most out of their stay at Chichester Self Catering.

You will get a personal service with plenty of local insider knowledge of things to do and places to go.. even some discounts! What more can you want?

Stay at Chichester Self Catering and have plenty of parking and good access.

We also have properties with large gardens, gas BBQ’s that are pet friendly. Oh – and children are welcome too! We also welcome hen parties.

If you are still in doubt:

Patricia Yates, Director at Visit England, said: “Britain looks particularly good value at the moment because of the value of the pound. Beach and countryside holidays are growing in popularity and are helped by the rise of quality self catering accommodation options.

So – all you need to do is:

  • Choose your week(s) to stay
  • give me a call or email and
  • start to look forward to your time out!

The number to call is 07769 746113. email: info (at)

I look forward to welcoming you very soon.

Gayle Palmer

Here to make your holiday a success!

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